Food Transfer Pump


  • Vacuum Pump provides self priming.

  • Transfer of live fish, is the example of precision in the application.

  • Due to its stainless steel structure, the pump is completely hygienic.

  • According to transfer liquid, application of mechanical seal varies.

  • Food Industry;
    * Vegetables: Olives, cucumbers (gherkins)
    * Fruit: Cherries, peaches, apricots,
    * Seafood: Live fish, shrimp,
  • Other industries; (for the vertical shaft design)
    Removal of animal wastes, Manufacture of marble,

*Maximum product flow: 30 m3/h

*Maximum product temperature: 50 ° C

*Maximum working pressure: 3 bar

*Maximum power: 3kw


* Body: AISI 316L

* Impeller: AISI 316L

* Shaft: AISI 316L

* Seals :O-ring, mechanical seal (may vary depending on the type of fluid)



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