Flexible Impeller Pump


When exible impeller’s blade, which is connected to driving shaft, touches the eccentric interior walls of the body, it will bend to the opposite direction of rotation. A vacuum eect is occurred, while the inlet port blade is trying to gain to the previous shape. Afterwards, this vacuum draws the liquid into the pump.

The liquid, which is between the blade and the body’s circular part, is swept away to the outlet port by the rotation.
Blade bends again when it gets in touch with eccentric interior walls of the body. At this moment, it pushes the liquid behind and vacates it through the outlet line by applying pressure. In this way, the liquid pumped from the inlet port to the outlet port.

  • All parts, except impeller and mechanical seal, are made from stainless stell AISI 316.

  • Self priming up to 5m distances depends on viscosity, pipe diameter and velocity.

  • High-low viscosity liquids and unabrasive solid parts containing pruducts can be transferred
    in constant velocity without detriment to liquid.

  • The pump can run in both directions but in case of frequently changes in rotation
    direction leads to erosion and breaking.

  • Due to flexible impeller blades operates by touching to the body, it must not
    operate dry more than 20 seconds.

  • Food Industry:
    Milk, Yoghurt, Ayran, Wine,Bear, Melted butter, Mayonnaisse, Kecthup,
    Oil, Liquid sugar, Liquid egg, Yeast, Vinegar, Ice-cream,
    Hot chocolate, Fruit juice, Syrups can be transferred.

  • Chemical Industry:
    Paint, Detergent, Acids and Alkalis,Water Based Glues, Wax, Ink,
    Emulsions can be transferred.

  • Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry:
    Shampoo, Liquid Soap, Cream, Lotion can be transferred.

Body : AISI 316L, AISI 304

Shaft: AISI 316L

Flexible Impeller: NR, NBR, VMQ, EPDM, CR,

Mechanical Seal:
Inox, Grafit, EPDM (NMR)

Other Parts: AISI 316L, AISI 304

Flexible impeller can be supplied with different material types depending on various usage demand.
According to trasnsfer liquid, impeller’s material can be selected figure in above.

Mounting Types

According to application area, rpm and power, every pump range can be supplied with
different types of mounting.

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